Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
All Oil Screen exhaust canopies feature the high-efficiency Oil Screen filters!
  1. Separates up to 95% of grease and oil at the hood
  2. Reduces risk of fire
  3. Extends life of ecology system filters
  4. Cleaner ducts and exhaust fans reduce maintenance and operating costs
  5. No water-wash and no drain required, reduces water & sewer charges
  6. Simpler installation
  7. Low static resistance through Oil Screen filters means no additional power consumption
  8. No expensive maintenance contracts
  9. Oil Screen filters wash easily in the pot sink or dishwasher
  10. 2 year warranty on Oil Screen filter
The Oil Screen Kitchen Exhaust Hood features high-efficiency Oil Screen filters. These filters provide up to 95% efficiency of removal of grease and oil particles (by mass) from the exhaust before it enters the duct. Additionally, the filter helps to resist flame and sparks. The high-efficiency filtration helps to keep the ducts clean and extends the life of ecology system filters. As a result, the following benefits are realized with the Oil Screen exhaust canopy:
  • Cleaner exhaust ducts and fans
  • Longer life on ecology system filters
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Enhanced safety
Recommended for all types of cooking equipment and developed for single installations, food courts, restaurant chains, national accounts, bakeries and food processing facilities.
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Equipped with high efficiency Oil Screen filters
  • Listed fire dampers on all models, accessible through exhaust plenum, eliminating the need for access doors in the duct collar
  • Available in lengths 4’0” to 12’0” in 6” increments.
  • Available in widths of 48” to 60” in 6” increments.
  • Available in heights of 24” and 30”.
  • 6” integral air space on back of hood
Cooking Equipment Air Requirements The Oil Screen kitchen exhaust hood air volume requirements depend on type of cooking equipment, hood model and hood location relative to adjacent walls, make up air velocity and balance within the cooking area. Each ventilation system must be engineered to meet these conditions. Air requirements, hood type and cooking equipment factors must be established to achieve proper exhausting of the cooking equipment.
Oil Screen exhaust hoods are installed in a variety of sensitive high-demand properties