Bakeries and Food Processing:
Industrial food manufacturing processes like frying, baking, washing, evapourating/dehydrating, even the coating of ketchup/dressing bottles with oil will generate airborne contaminants that must be filtered or exhausted to meet health & safety regulations. Products from Oil Screen Technologies can be located on individual processes for simple localized air filtration, or they can be installed on central ventilation and air conditioning systems to provide a sustainable solution with low maintenance costs. Available in a variety of compact-local or large-centralized systems, for new or retro-fit installations and in standard powder coat or stainless steel construction.
Restaurants & Food Service:
Stop spraying grease and oil onto your rooftops and surroundings! Often landlords will pressure restaurant tenants to reduce their greasy exhaust emissions due to unpleasant odours, or even worse… oil spraying out of the exhaust fans on to sidewalks and cars. Conventional solutions have been installation of ecology systems which rapidly consume expensive disposable filters, or very frequent and expensive exhaust duct cleaning. Retrofit kits from Oil Screen Technologies install easily in existing hoods and duct systems and will stop these unpleasant emissions. Keep your landlord happy and maintain your premium high-traffic locations for your restaurant without the burden of high maintenance and operating costs.
Reduce Facility Energy Consumption: Utility and Government rebate programs:
Many industrial facilities experience very high energy consumption and costs due to the need for exhausting large volumes of conditioned air in order to maintain suitable air quality. Large volumes of makeup air must be introduced to the facility and this air must be heated and/or cooled which consumes excessive amounts of energy. Application of Oil Screen Technologies’ products will filter the air within the facility and enable this clean filtered air to be returned into the facility resulting in a reduction of makeup air and exhaust volumes and their associated energy consumption up to 80%.
ISO 14000 Compliance:
Eliminate emissions from central exhaust systems and rooftop exhaust fans with a simple retrofit kit or multi-sided exhaust head from Oil Screen Technologies.
Environmental Incentive Programs, LEEDS Building Designs:
Many new building designs and renovations incorporate leading sustainability technologies for reduction of the building’s impact on the environment. Oil Screen Technologies products can provide many solutions for architects’ and builders to meet their goals for government rebate programs, LEEDs certification, environmental regulations and aiding sustainable building design. Reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions, improve indoor air quality, provide better working conditions for employee health & safety, are just a few of the benefits possible with Oil Screen Technologies products for sustainable building design.
Central Air Conditioning Systems:
Many of today’s high-tech manufacturing facilities require central air conditioning systems to maintain suitable temperature and humidity levels for the manufacturing processes. Electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, dental tools, medical and surgical tools, machining of parts for aerospace and automotive industries, bearing manufacturing, are just a handful of examples. Unfortunately these processes also generate airborne mists that easily contaminate air filters, cooling and heating coils, fans, heat exchangers and other expensive components within these air conditioning systems all of which are expensive to clean and maintain. Failure to maintain these components results in premature failure of the air conditioning systems, expensive compressors and heat exchangers. As a solution, many facilities implement frequent filter changes using expensive high-efficiency disposable filters. The implementation of an Oil Screen Technologies retrofit kit to your air conditioning system is a simple sustainable solution to this problem.
Air Turnover Systems for Large Facilities:
Many large industrial facilities experience high energy consumption due to temperature stratification… the heat from the heating systems rises and is wasted near the high ceilings where it is not benefiting employees. As a result, to ensure comfortable temperatures at the employee-operator level large amounts of energy must be consumed to generate sufficient heat to get down to this level. A common solution is ceiling fans which push warm air near the ceiling down towards the operators. This solution requires a large quantity of expensive fans and high installation costs. They can also circulate airborne contaminants from local processes throughout the facility adding to poor air quality issues. Air Turnover units from Oil Screen Technologies install at floor level and provide comfortable air circulation within the facility to reduce this stratification problem, WITH THE ADDED BENEFIT OF LOW-COST, SUSTAINABLE AIR FILTRATION. IMPROVE INDOOR AIR QUALITY AND REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION FROM HEATING SYSTEMS WITH AIR TURNOVER SYSTEMS from Oil Screen Technologies Inc.
Wet Scrubbers:
Stop spraying contaminated water mist out of your exhaust stacks form wet scrubbers. Reduce the use of expensive consumables and inefficient mist eliminators. Retrofit your system with high-efficiency, sustainable mist eliminator kits for wet scrubbers from Oil Screen Technologies.