Industrial Mist Filter System: HM series
The HM-series is a self-contained mist filter system for medium-to-large air flow volumes and can be connected to single or multiple sources. It collects mist, separates it from the air stream and re-circulates the clean air back into the room. If desired, the clean air can be exhausted outdoors or directed into a central exhaust system. Fluids that are separated from the air stream are collected for appropriate disposal or re-use in the process. The HM-series mist collector can be mounted beside the process, machining centre, on a suitable bracket, floor base, mezzanine, or suspended from the overhead structure. For multi-source applications, the HM-series mist collector may be located remotely in a convenient location at the end of the central duct connecting the exhaust from several processes or machining centres. The air circulation is provided by a direct-drive high-static fan located in the clear air stream on the unit. This fan is statically and dynamically balanced to ensure quiet, smooth operation.
The proprietary technology in the Oil Screen mist filter separates the mist droplets from the air stream through a vortex-impingement action. The filters are conveniently packaged into a metal frame, 2 inches thick for simple removal and cleaning. As the mist-laden air passes through the Oil Screen filter a vortex action in the air stream separates the mist droplets an efficiency of greater than 95%. The clean air exits the filter while the separated liquids are drained downward into a reservoir for return to the process or disposal as desired. The separators are permanent, washable and re-usable.
Save operating costs and realize a rapid return on your investment through:
  1. Reduced maintenance and dramatically less process downtime.
  2. Recovery of expensive process fluids.
  3. Energy savings by eliminating the need to exhaust conditioned air outdoors.
  4. Cost savings by reducing replacement of disposable filters.
  5. Reduced energy consumption compared to other mist filter or exhaust systems.
  6. Increased operational safety.
  7. Improved workplace health and safety.