The SUSTAINABLE solution you have been waiting for: Oil Screen filters are a sustainable approach to industrial air filtration!
  1. Filtration efficiency greater than 95%
  2. The revolutionary design generates reactionary forces that separate airborne coolant, oil and other types of mist particles and drains them away
  3. The Oil Screen filter is a self-cleaning, renewable device
  4. NO replacement media required
  5. NO additional energy inputs
SAVE MONEY by using Oil Screen filters:
Recover expensive process fluids that are normally lost
Save on filter replacement costs and maintenance
Improve Performance of existing mist collectors
Keep exhaust fans and rooftops clean
Pre-filter modules keep ducts clean
Stop blowing oil outside onto rooftops & properties
The Oil Screen Technologies mist filter is a device shaped as a regular 2 in. filter designed specifically for the removal airborne liquid contaminants in the form of mists, aerosols and steam with very high efficiency. The filter is permanent, washable and re-usable eliminating the need for expensive replacements or disposal of contaminated filter media. In many applications such as those using water-based coolants, light oils or steam the separator is self-cleaning. Construction consists of specially designed aluminum separator profiles mounted in a retainer support and encased in a metal frame for easy handling and fitting to filter tracks.
The proprietary technology in the Oil Screen Technologies mist filter separates the mist droplets from the air stream through a vortex action. The separators are conveniently packaged into a metal frame, 2 inches thick, for simple removal and cleaning. As the mist-laden air passes through the Oil Screen filter a series of vortices are generated in the air stream which force the mist droplets onto the profiles. This action is effective down to the smallest particles with an efficiency of up to 95% on a single stage! Multiple stages generate even higher efficiency. The clean air exits the filter while the separated liquids are drained downward for collection and return to the process or disposal as desired.
The Oil Screen Technologies high-efficiency mist separator is available in a variety of mist collection and filtration systems available with and without fans. Capacities range from 400 cfm to over 60 000 cfm air flow.
The convenient design of the Oil Screen high-efficiency separator makes it ideal for retrofit to older equipment, exhaust enclosures, exhaust hoods, commercial kitchen hoods, and virtually any application where a 2 in. filter can be fitted.
Mist filter systems often are plagued with poor performance:
Poor indoor air quality
Health & safety hazards to employees
Hazardous emissions to the environment
Frequent cleaning
Expensive filter changes
High energy consumption
Any of these issues can cause operators to waste thousands of dollars every year. Mist collectors require frequent cleaning and filter replacements while steadily losing efficiency between maintenance cycles. The result is poor indoor air quality, hazardous emissions to the environment, loss of productivity, poor employee morale, expensive environmental cleanups and potentially expensive fines.
The Oil Screen filter is a permanent, reusable particle separator that simply traps incoming mists, separates them and drains the liquids away to safety!
Save operating costs and realize a rapid return on your investment through:
  1. Lower maintenance frequency and dramatically reduced process downtime.
  2. Recovery of expensive process fluids.
  3. Energy savings by eliminating the need to exhaust conditioned air outdoors.
  4. Cost savings by reducing, or eliminating replacement of disposable filters.
  5. Increase operational safety through the inherent spark and flame retention characteristics.
  6. Improved workplace health and safety.
Compare Oil Screen performance: