The SUSTAINABLE solution you have been waiting for: Oil Screen filters are a sustainable approach to kitchen exhaust filtration!
  1. Filtration efficiency greater than 95%
  2. The revolutionary design generates reactionary forces that separate airborne grease particles and drains them away
  3. The Oil Screen filter is a self-cleaning, renewable device
  4. NO replacement media required
  5. NO additional energy inputs
SAVE MONEY by using Oil Screen filters:
Stop blowing grease onto rooftops and surroundings
Keep exhaust ducts cleaner, longer
Extend the life of ecology unit filters
Fits any 2 in hood filter track
Excellent return on investment
Flame and spark inhibitor
Cooking processes generate oil and grease particles in a liquid state which form destructive accumulations in exhaust systems. These accumulations take the form of heavy coatings on exhaust ducts, hoods and fans which poses a fire hazard. Grease and oil spray outside on rooftops, building surfaces and even parked cars!
Conventional kitchen exhaust systems use simple baffle filters, UV lighting or water wash systems. Cooking processes pose a significant challenge to these methods of filtration as they produce high concentrations of fine grease particles. Most of this grease makes its way around filter baffles allowing the contaminant to remain in the exhaust stream after the filters. UV lighting is more effective at filtration but is can get overwhelmed by the high concentrations of grease coming from most cooking processes and therefore requires frequent, expensive maintenance by a licensed technician. Water wash systems are expensive to operate as they consume expensive detergents, energy to heat the water and waste a valuable non-renewable resource… water.
Improving the total efficiency of the kitchen ventilation system results in operational cost savings, increased productivity, and better working conditions. With an increased demand by owners and operators for sustainable, environmentally responsible operations, efficient food service environment solutions have never been so important. ACHIEVING ENERGY EFFICIENCY IS EASIER AND MORE COST EFFECTIVE USING THE OIL SCREEN KITCHEN FILTER.
  1. Provides the highest efficiency of oil and grease separation: The Oil Screen filter is designed to remove grease, oil and other contaminants generated by cooking processes with a very high degree of efficiency packaged in a device with the shape of a simple 2 inch filter.
  2. Maintains this efficiency longer: The Oil Screen filter removes and drains liquid particles maintaining its ability to operate efficiently.
  3. Provides safe operation: The Oil Screen filter has the ability to trap sparks and stop flame.
  4. Low maintenance: When using the Oil Screen filter you can save be reducing frequency of duct cleanings/inspections per year since as much as 98% of the condensed grease is separated. The filter is a durable, washable and reusable design which reduces waste to the environment. It also protects rooftops and building facades, and keeps exhaust ducts clean.
  5. Requires NO additional energy input: The Oil Screen filter is designed to work at the same or lower static pressure than conventional baffle hood filters.
  6. Excellent return on investment: Yields direct savings to the bottom line by reducing ventilation maintenance & operating costs. UV light systems consume energy to operate the lights. Water wash systems consume precious water resources and expensive detergents as well as energy to heat the water. The Oil Screen filter does not require any of these expensive resources. Further savings are realized by reduced exhaust system and building maintenance as well as roof repairs.
Compare Oil Screen performance:
Pressure drop – resistance to air flow