Industrial Mist Filter System: PF-series
The PF-series module is designed to pre-filter the mist generated by industrial processes at the source and reduce accumulation in the duct work. The PF-series is a pre-filter module using the permanent, re-usable high-efficiency Oil Screen mist filter for installation at the pick-up locations of new or existing duct systems or upstream from existing mist filter units. With capacities ranging from 400 cfm to 2400 cfm, the PF-series module is ideal for central mist collection systems with lengthy ducts connected to multiple machining processes. Central mist collector systems are prone to dangerous accumulations of liquid in the ducts due to the fact that the mist travels through a lengthy duct before it is filtered at the central collector. The PF-series module can be installed easily at each duct pick-up point to pre-filter the mist before it has a chance to accumulate in the duct.
The PF-module is also ideal for installation direct on the inlet to existing source-capture mist collectors. The 400 & 700 cfm models are suitable for connection on the inlet duct to horizontal source collectors. They can also be rotated for vertical flow to fit underneath existing rotary drum mist collectors. By pre-filtering with the PF-series module, equipment downstream, such as a duct system, central mist collector or source-capture mist filter unit, will require significantly less maintenance and filter replacement. Payback on investment is often less than 1 year due to maintenance cost savings alone. Consider also the recovered expensive fluids which can be returned to the process and the payback period is reduced even further!
Save operating costs and realize a rapid return on your investment through:
  1. Reduced maintenance and dramatically less process downtime.
  2. Recovery of expensive process fluids.
  3. Energy savings by eliminating the need to exhaust conditioned air outdoors.
  4. Cost savings by reducing replacement of disposable filters.
  5. Reduced energy consumption compared to other mist filter or exhaust systems.
  6. Increased operational safety.
  7. Improved workplace health and safety.
Convertible Pre-filter Module switches from horizontal to vertical flow