Oil Screen Technologies offer a wide range of products from single separators to large-scale custom-engineered solutions with air flow rates from 400 cfm to 60 000 cfm. Configurations are with and without fans, localized or centralized, horizontal flow, vertical upflow and convertible flow.
Standard finishes are powder coat. Custom colours or stainless steel construction are available.
We offer a variety of control options:
  • On-off controls,
  • Variable speed controls,
  • Filter monitors,
  • Air flow monitors,
  • Micro-processor control.
Industrial Machining, Stamping & Metal Working ▪ Manufacturing ▪ Food Processing ▪ Bakeries
1. Source-capture mist filter units with fan
2. Multi-source capture mist filter units with fan
3. Vertical mist filter units with fan
4. Multi-sided filter heads for inlets on roof exhausters or air conditioning systems
5. Retrofit filters & kits
6. Duct modules… horizontal and vertical flow… multi-stage for new or existing ducts
7. Pre-filter modules… convertible flow… single-stage… ideal addition to existing mist collectors or for branch pickups on central collection ducts
8. Post-filter modules
9. Custom-engineered systems for air flows up to 60 000 cfm
10. Service contracts
11. Controls
12. Turnkey installations
1. Kitchen exhaust hood retrofit kits
2. Inline duct modules for new and retrofit installations
3. Ecology units… kitchen exhaust filtration systems
4. Kitchen exhaust hoods
5. Service contracts
6. Controls