Industrial Weld Smoke Filter System: WS series
The WS-series is a self-contained weld smoke filter system for individual or multiple work stations. Available with an open or ducted air intake it can provide circulation of air within the weld cell to remove smoke and returns clean filtered air to the operator-zone. In the ducted form the system can be connected to a pickup duct or moveable pickup arm to collect the weld smoke directly at the source. In the open format, the front of the cabinet is left open to expose the first stage of Oil Screen filter. This large inlet opening enables the system to draw air directly from the surrounding space for general space air circulation. Clean air is discharged out the rear of the unit on the top, sides or back of the cabinet. Multiple units can be placed diagonally-opposite of each other to set up a racetrack air circulation pattern throughout the space.
Oily contaminants from welding wet or oily parts are separated from the air stream through the Oil Screen filters in the first stage. Smoke and contaminants are filtered through a series filters with efficiency up to 99.97% on particles down to 0.3 micron. Clean air is returned out the diffuser at the back of the unit. This system is also suitable for use on small grinding applications. Suitable for mounting on a floor stand, mezzanine, wall bracket or suspended from the overhead structure.
Save operating costs and realize a rapid return on your investment through:
  1. Reduced maintenance and dramatically less process downtime.
  2. Recovery of expensive process fluids.
  3. Energy savings by eliminating the need to exhaust conditioned air outdoors.
  4. Cost savings by reducing replacement of disposable filters.
  5. Reduced energy consumption compared to other mist filter or exhaust systems.
  6. Increased operational safety.
  7. Improved workplace health and safety.